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Clearomizer Atom CE11 Volish

An elegant Clearomizer with average capacity


Clearomizer Atom CE11 is an e-smoking system intended for the most demanding e-smokers. Similarly to the Clearomizer 10+ e-smoking system, the heater can be unscrewed from the bottom, which results in a faster saturation with the nicotine liquid.


Due to its construction, Clearomized Atom creates lots of dense smoke and gives the perfect taste of nicotine liquid. The number of air holes was reduced, which eliminates the effect of inhaling air some of the e-smokers complained about.


The Clearomizer features a replaceable heater that can be swapped, once used up. The system can be completely disassembled for easier cleaning, and its special windows allow you to check the level of liquid at a glance.


Metal casing attached to a battery makes for a neat and pleasant look – it’s refined elegance for the most demanding.

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