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Volish Control 1

A de luxe e-cigarette

Volish Control 1 is an extraordinary device. Seeing its unique, angular shape one starts to wonder if it can be called an e-cigarette at all. Rather, this is an e-smoking all-in-one combo. The inhaler features an exceptionally strong 2600 mAh battery, enough to enjoy over 600 inhalations. Another great feature of the device is step-less voltage regulation from 3.3V to 5.0V, which even the most demanding e-smokers will find satisfying.

The Volish Control 1 is compatible with all Volish (510 thread) smoking systems. The starting kit contains the acclaimed, high capacity Vivi Nova clearomizer. Another unbeatable feature is the LCD display for communicating with the user. The display not only shows current operating parameters, but also the number of inhalations made. A very useful feature for anyone who wants to control the amount of absorbed nicotine and for e-smokers who wish to quit.

Additionally, Volish Control 2 may be used as a portable charger and with a USB cable it can act as a source of power for other mobile devices, such as phones.

For whom?

  • e-smokers looking for a device with a strong battery
  • e-smokers who want to control the amount of inhaled nicotine
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